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Roger Breu
Email: breu@ifm.mavt.ethz.ch

Stephan Kaufmann
Email: kaufmann@ifm.mavt.ethz.ch
URL: http://www.ifm.mavt.ethz.ch/~kaufmann/

Institute of Mechanics
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Copyright 1995 Institute of Mechanics, ETH Zrich, Swizerland

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Notebook Version 1.0.1


July, 1992:
Original version by Roger Breu

April 1993:
Enhancements by Roger Breu

September 1995:
Enhancements by Stephan Kaufmann:
- paramters of Transform changed
- TransformInCond debugged
- double inversion of variables in Transform removed
- unnecessary local variables removed (patterns)
- local delayed definitions replaced by functions (memory management)
- new parameters for FindEqu
- AsOrderList handles non-polynomial equations, parameters are ordered differently
- AsOrderList now starts with order 0
- SortGaugeFct corrected
- FindOrders etc. added
- nontrivial example added
- SimpEqu -> SimplifyEquation
- PowerSimpEqu -> PowerSimplifyEquation
- FindGaugeFct -> FindGaugeFunction
- SortGaugeFct -> SortGaugeFunctions
- FindEqu -> FindEquation

June 96:
- Corrections and additions in the beam example by Stephan Kaufmann


A.H. Nayfeh: Perturbation Methods. Wiley, New York , 1973
J. Kevorkian, J.D. Cole: Perturbation Methods in Applied Mathematics. Springer, New York, 1981


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    "This package requires Mathematica version 2.0 or higher."]]

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