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Stephan Kaufmann
Institute of Mechanics
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
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Email: kaufmann@ifm.mavt.ethz.ch
URL: http://www.ifm.mavt.ethz.ch/~kaufmann/


Copyright Notice

Copyright 1995 by Stephan Kaufmann

Permission is hereby granted to make copies of this file for any purpose other than direct profit, or as part of a commercial product, provided this copyright notice is left intact. Sale is prohibited.

Permission is hereby granted to reproduce part or all of this file provided that the source is acknowledged.



Notebook Version 1.0 (E)



Version 1.0 (September 95):
Redesign based on SKPackages`Perturbation`:
- results resemble the results of DSolve.
- PolyOrderList handles cases involving non-polynomial expressions.
- PolyOrderList and PolyOrderSolutionList handle systems of equations.
- expansions with respect to general asymptotic sequences have been added with the funcions GeneralOrderList and GeneralOrderSolutionList.



This package is based on SKPackages`NonNegativeQ` which is available from MathSource or from URL http://www.ifm.mavt.ethz.ch/~kaufmann/.

Mathematica Version: 2.0 or higher.


  If[$VersionNumber < 2.0, Print[
    "This package requires Mathematica version 2.0 or higher."]]



In this package, all symbols are assumed to be real.

In the function MatchedSolutionList, the small parameter eps and the independent variables t and tau are assumed to be positive (and real).

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