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A Crash Course in MathematicaTable of Contents

bulletA Short Tour
bulletFormula Entry
bulletNumerical Calculations
bulletSymbolic Mathematics
bulletSome of the Most Important Functions
bulletPart 1: The Basics
bullet1.1 The Structure of the Program
bullet1.1.1 The Front End
bullet1.1.2 The Kernel
bullet1.2 Online Documentation
bullet1.3 Formulas
bullet1.3.1 Formats
bullet1.3.2 Entering Formulas and Special Characters
bullet1.4 Simple Calculations
bullet1.4.1 Conventions
bullet1.4.2 Numerical Calculations
bullet1.4.3 Algebraic Manipulation
bullet1.4.4 Transformation Rules and Definitions
bullet1.4.5 Equations
bullet1.4.6 Calculus
bulletPart 2: Graphics
bullet2.1 Graphs of Functions of One Variable
bullet2.2 Graphs of Functions of Two Variables
bullet2.2.1 Surfaces
bullet2.2.2 Contours
bullet2.2.3 Density Plots
bullet2.3 Parametric Plots
bullet2.3.1 Two-Dimensional Parametric Plots
bullet2.3.2 Three-Dimensional Parametric Plots
bullet2.4 Tools from Standard Packages
bullet2.4.1 Three-Dimensional Contour Plots
bullet2.4.2 Tools for Two-Dimensional Graphics
bullet2.4.3 Tools for Three-Dimensional Graphics
bullet2.4.4 Legends
bullet2.4.5 Vector Fields
bullet2.5 Animations
bullet2.6 Exporting to Other Programs
bulletPart 3: Lists and Graphics Programming
bullet3.1 Lists
bullet3.1.1 Creating One-Dimensional Lists
bullet3.1.2 Manipulating Lists
bullet3.1.3 Multidimensional Lists
bullet3.2 Calculating with Lists
bullet3.2.1 Automatic Operations
bullet3.2.2 Mapping Functions on Lists
bullet3.2.3 Pure Functions
bullet3.2.4 Using List Elements as Arguments
bullet3.2.5 Plotting Lists
bullet3.3 Linear Algebra
bullet3.4 Graphics Programming
bullet3.4.1 Graphics Objects
bullet3.4.2 Graphics3D Objects
bullet3.4.3 Objects from Standard Packages
bullet3.5 Application: Animating a Mechanism
bulletPart 4: Introduction to Programming
bullet4.1 Expressions
bullet4.2 Patterns
bullet4.2.1 Simple Patterns
bullet4.2.2 Constraints
bullet4.2.3 More Complicated Patterns
bullet4.2.4 A Simple Integrator
bullet4.3 Evaluation
bullet4.3.1 Associated Definitions
bullet4.3.2 Attributes
bullet4.3.3 The Evaluation Process
bullet4.4 Programming Tools
bullet4.4.1 Local Variables
bullet4.4.2 Functional Programming
bullet4.4.3 Rule-Based and Recursive Programming
bullet4.4.4 Procedural Programming
bullet4.4.5 Modularity
bullet4.4.6 Compiling Numerical Calculations
bullet4.5 Further Information
bullet4.5.1 Internet
bullet4.5.2 MathSource
bullet4.5.3 Literature


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